Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Addison Woolley Gallery Surprises Me again

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Do you know Susan Porter? Dan Dow or Andrea Van Voorst Van Beest,
I don't know about you but I love saying Van Voorst Van Beest!

Susan is the founder and curator of the Addison Woolley Gallery on  132 Washington Street .
Susan is cool.
Susan Loves art, but more than that she has passion.
You can't teach passion
Passion leads you down a path, it never follows
Passion picks you up if you are down
Bouys you if you are sinking.
It charts your course.
Susan has Passion

Susan has curated the current Exhibit with works of a Photographer and a Painter.
Susan is herself a Photographer, so she knows good composition and content when she sees it!
Dan Dow is a Photographer his works of the Irish Landscape are beholden, they reek of time, conveying a tale of an age long ago...
Sometimes Photos bore me,  Dan's Photos surprised me, I liked them more than I thought. My favorite is of the Glendalough Church and Cross, they were built a long long time ago and it shows...  Dan captured that.
Now the Painter,  VanVoorst Van Beest,  Susan Says she's got a touch of Gauguin in her painting.   I'm no Post-impressionist expert but I think she's right.  Gauguin's technique was good and he could convey through a painted picture a story.  VanVoorst Van Beest has that grounding and solid technique with a believable, likable quality,  her works tell a story.  You could rail on and on for hours with out really describing it any better than saying "I get it" .  

The Current Exhibit of New Works has got the ability to tell a story , explain a time gone by and perhaps provide a surprise.

Why go see the art of Dan Dow & Andrea Van Voorst Van Beest at the Addison Woolley Gallery?

Because Your good mind needs good art! 

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