Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange Maine, It's all in a name

This is Gallery Talk WMPG radio's window into the Portland, Maine world of Art

Do you remember your dreams, your nightmares?
Are they in Color or Black and White?
Do you understand what the terms VHS & BETA mean to movies?
What was the first scary movie you can remember?

For me there were two the 1st was the old black and white thriller "Invisible Invaders" (the original body snatchers movie) and the 2nd a similar vintage B&W film titled "THEM".
That's the one with the giant ants they were exposed to nuclear radiation and mutated into the size of houses.  Nothing can stop themmmmmmm! 

What about GOD- ZILLA!

Godzilla vs Gigan
Godzilla vs Mothera
Godzilla vs Megalon
Godzilla vs Zero
Son of Godzilla
Curse of Frankenstein
House of Frankenstein
Frankenstein & Me Staring Burt Reynolds (really no kidding Burt Reynolds stars in a Frank Stein Movie)
What about Hulk vs Wolfman, or
Wolfman vs Thor,
or the Captain, Wolfey vs Capt America.
These titles and more available at...
STRANGE MAINE located at the intersection of Forest and Congress street is the 
VHS vs Beta max  horror monster movie specialty house, Eclectic vinyl record store, Hoarders paradise for Scifi memorabilia. Honestly perusing the movie selections is like traveling in time machine
the cover art on the VHS boxes is trick & a treat all in one.  
Hey If you need a VHS player they will sell one of those to you too!

What does this have to do with Art  Galleries?

Strange Maine also has an Art Gallery
Once inside the store of many weird things,
look behind and above the door.
Yeah up there,  those 8 paintings that's the Art gallery!
This month featuring the works of painter Michael Connor
Vivid Colors & freak show like scenes ,
Michael's nightmares & dreams are for sure in color
with painting themes perfect for viewing this Halloween week , the week where freaks, Zombies and the ghoulishly strange rule.  My Fav is the "Subterranean Shaman" a 10" X 10" format bold ghoul image in a subway passage.  A $40.00 price tag makes this weirdly affordable art. 

Strange Maine lives up to is name, some stuff is down right weird, don't stop in here if your in a rush, take some time to get into the eccentricity of weirdness and the incredible collection of horror-creature feature VHS & Betamax Movies, and don't forget to check up and behind the door for the Art Gallery and works of Michael Connor. 

Why go to Strange Maine ?
Because Your good mind needs a dose of pre-Halloween weirdness and good art! 

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